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What class/subject are you taking? *

What is human capital? *

What must a person do in order to save? *

Why is it important to set financial goals? *

Why is going to college considered a form of investment? *

When you have money to invest for the long-term, what do you plan to do with it? *

People buy stocks because? *

If you invest in a mutual fund, you... *

Pay yourself first means... *

What is the relationship between risk and reward? *

What strategy is most likely to improve your financial situation over the different stages of life? *

Why do financial experts recommend beginning to invest while you are young? *

What are the most important things to consider when investing? *

What is a share of stock? *

Your financial goals must be... *

Good advice to follow to accomplish financial goals is to... *

The easiest plan for most people when it comes to saving and investing money is to... *

To get the highest long-term gains, investors should... *

How are stocks different than bonds? *

Mutual funds... *

Which of the following is considered the safest investment option? *

Investing means... *

What is the biggest risk when investing? *

Using the Rule of 72, if it took 8 years for your money to double, what was your interest rate? *

Scott invests all his money in airline stock even though Chris advised him to invest in companies in different industries. Chris' advice is for Scott to ________ his portfolio. *

In general, the ________ risk you are willing to take, the ________ the potential return on your investment. *

Martina's stock broker advised she should... *

Why are investments riskier than savings? *

When you invest in a bond, you are... *

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