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In order to make a good people need many types of productive resources including natural resources, human resources, capital resources and entrepreneurial ideas. The wood from trees used to make fwats is an example of... *

During the Woolly Mammoth Market Day the sellers needed people to buy their burgers. People willing and able to buy a good are called... *

In round 2 of the Woolly Mammoth Burger Factory your teams were able to produce more burgers because they... *

Which of the following people benefited from Ump's fwat business? *

With the flinks you earned from working in the Woolly Mammoth Burger Factory you could have used your earnings for several things. The choice to give the money to the school is called... *

If the price of burgers goes down, what usually happens to the amount of burgers people buy? *

Producers (sellers) and consumers (buyers) came together to sell their Woolly Mammoth Burgers. This is an example of a... *

Dividing jobs by what each workers does (specialization) is called... *

The burgers produced in the Woolly Mammoth Burger Factory are examples of... *

The payment you receive in exchange for work is called... *

In the Woolly Mammoth Burger Factory Tom made buns, Sally made burgers and Joan put on the pickles. Each person's job is an example of... *

In question 16, Tom, Sally and Joan worked together to make a complete burger. This is an example of... *

Ump is an example of a(n)... *

The extra income you put away but do not intend to use immediately is called... *

Not everyone received the same income for working the same amount of time in the Woolly Mammoth Burger Factory because... *

The students (human resources) worked on improving their skills in the Woolly Mammoth Burger Factory by... *

Citi volunteers taught the students about spending, saving and/or giving back to their community. The volunteers provided a(n)... *

If you chose to save your flinks instead of spending them, the opportunity cost of saving was... *

What is it called when a company receives more money for selling a good than it used to produce that good? *

Having to make choices because of our unlimited wants and limited resources is a problem of... *

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